Legal information

ASI, a non-profit organization, was founded in Reims (France) on June 3rd/4th, 1969.

The ASI legal Headquarters are located in Paris (France) and is administered by the member country holding the presidency for a three-year period. The Council comprises of the President, a General Secretary, helped by an deputy Secretary, a Treasurer and an assistant Treasurer, as well as the Presidents of each national member association or their elected representatives.

Association de la Sommellerie Internationale
97 boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris

ASI Executives

ASI President

Andres Rosberg (Argentina)

ASI Continental Vice-Presidents

William Wouters (Belgium) Vice-president for Europe & Africa
Ricardo Grellet (Chile) Vice-president for the Americas
Saiko Tamura-Soga (Japan) Vice-president for Asia & Oceania

ASI Board

Michèle Aström Chantôme (Morocco) General Secretary
Michelle McCarthy (Canada) Deputy Secretary
Philippe Faure-Brac (France) Treasurer
Samuil Angelov (Finland) Assistant Treasurer

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